Disability Equipment to Restore Independence

A disability doesn’t mean that you are useless or have no other skills as well. Everyone has some special skills which are uncommon, if you are a good statistician and don’t know about chemicals then there must be some chemical engineers who are not involved in statistics. Everyone has some competencies and some lacking though is a disability. If you are having some disability challenge in life then you must have some other unique skills which are needed to be explored and polished. To keep the disable people in the life stream now a day’s many equipments and devices has been built. As it is often said that necessity is the mother of invention that is why the independence of these people can be restored using such equipments which has been invented time by time feeling the special needs of these uncommon people around us.

Disabilities can be of various types some people have blindness, some have listening and speaking deficiencies and some suffer with mobility challenges. Disability can be temporary, as well as permanent but in each case a person should not get isolated and there must be some helpful equipments and tools which can make the effected person active and independent. Disability equipments provides various benefits to its users, first of all these help them by decreasing the level of dependence on others, secondly give them self confidence and courage to do anything. These equipments increase the sense of dignity and can improve many areas of the life of a person who is having some physical challenges. These makes life easy and not only helps the handicapped but also of his / her care takers. Such equipments can be purchased from various suppliers and manufacturers which deal in healthcare and disability niche. Before going to purchase you must have a proper knowledge that what kind of equipments are available in the market and how can these improve your life. Secondly you also must know that which equipments can be covered through your medical insurance.

There are several types of disability equipments available in the market featuring certain functions and specifications. We have specified below the general categories and corresponding equipments to provide you an overview of these:

o Sport and Leisure

– Hand cycles

– Tandems

– Travel and Holidays

o Personal Care

– Dressing

– Toileting

– Eating and drinking

– Bathing

o Mobility

– Walking Aids

– Wheelchairs (manual and Powered, inc. ramps, accessories and scooters)

– Vehicles and modifications

– Stair lifts

– Platform lifts and step-lifts

– Through-floor lifts

o Seating and Beds

– Chairs and Seating

– Postural Support

– Beds, etc.

– Pressure relieving cushions and mattresses.

o Communication

– Communications Aids

– Accessible Computing

– Visual Impairment

– Hearing Loss

o Household

– Household equipment

– Kitchen Equipment

– Rails

– Switches, Environmental Controls, Alarms and Tele care

o Moving and Handling

– Moving and Handling

– Hoists

o Rehabilitation

– Orthotics

– Rehab equipment

o Pediatric equipment

– Play equipment