Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic isn’t your ordinary person– he is an extraordinary person. Extraordinary because he has a difficult battle each and every day, as he was born without arms or legs. The condition is called Phocomelia and it is a very rare disorder, one that can manifest in many different ways. For Vujicic it meant bullying and depression when he was a young boy, but he overcame all of that and became a motivational speaker, but not before he completed a double major in college and won many awards.

When Nick Vujicic was young he taught himself to stand up. He has two small deformed feet which, after surgery to un-fuse the toes of one he can use it to pick things up, turn pages in a book, use a phone and many other everyday things we all take for granted. The point is, even at an early age he didn’t give in to his disability, he came up with ways to work with what he had and didn’t think of his limitations. What limitations? He can do whatever he wants to do and do it well.

His motivational speaking has a message and is also deeply rooted in Christianity. He doesn’t just tell people to get over it and keep a positive attitude, but instead supplies a message of hope that also extends to a personal relationship with God. The thinking here is that if He made you a certain way, then He has a use for you in this world. He also urges people to learn to accept that the gift of life is a great one and something that should be cherished, not thrown away because of a disability. His speaking also covers the aspect of hope where obstacles can be turned into opportunities. Like he did as a young boy, you have to take your obstacles and find a way around them. Who better than Nick Vujicic to teach youngsters who are going through emotional or physical things that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel?

When he isn’t speaking, and he has done so more than 3,000 times in more than fifty seven countries, he lives in Southern California where he enjoys fishing and swimming as well as painting. Nick Vujicic is married with two sons and loving life, because, after all life is the gift we should all be thankful for!